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"Dante Dental clinic" dental spa by Dr. Jaffaly Haled.

The clinic was founded in early 2005, and for 10 years of our experience, we were able to gain extensive experience serving thousands of satisfied customers.

We maintain a personal approach and linked to each patient,

we also took care to design a modern and innovative homy atmosphere, warm and cozy clinic, exotic fish aquarium and pleasant background music playing all over the clinic. Also in the treatment room you can enjoy personal TV and headphones that plays relaxing music during treatment, you will simply forget that you are in the middle of dental treatment, no wonder that our patients feel like in a spa in our clinic.

In addition to this, we equipped the clinic with most advanced dental devices on the market, such as:
-  Laser for teeth bleaching
-  Digital rotary device for  Endodontics
-  Fiber Optic implant device
-  Digital x-ray and more ...

We also provide continuous non stop service, any day at any time we are here for you,

In addition, we are available for you at all social media (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, BBM, Tumblr, skype and viber, etc. ..) will do everything to make it  easy and convenient for you to contact us.

Our staff is most professional and courteous staff, we care to be fully updated of all the new modern techniques in dentistry, and we often attend training courses and lectures. We will do everything to provide you the most personalized, modern, innovative, and above all most professional service ...

Try us ... we are here for you around the clock.